Sunday, December 21, 2014

Little Sarah's Spanking

This is another of Sarah's famous age play videos. Momma has told her little Sarah multiple times to clean her room. Sarah ignores it and gets ready to go to her friend's Birthday party instead. When Sarah says she is ready to go, Momma asks her if her room is clean and Sarah says no. She says she will not do it and has a tantrum. Momma is not happy by her little brats behavior and gives her the spanking she deserves from Momma Spankings!

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Grace Takes Her Revenge

Tony has spent the morning spanking and paddling Grace for me for one of my films. Grace now thinks it only right that she should take some revenge, not usually a dominant lady she did intend to make an exception for tony. She used her hand, the paddle and the cane like an expert, ask Tony, it really hurt him from Sarah Spanks Men

Friday, December 19, 2014

The Fair Dodger

Chief Detective Johnson heard the spanking and he caught Monique spanking the young girl. Now normal procedure is that every spanking has to be approved by Detective Johnson and Monique decided not to do that this time. The girl was sent on her way with a scolding and Detective Johnson thought it fitting that Detective Monique got exactly the same as she gave that young fare dodger. She left with a very sore bottom from Real Life Spankings!

Will a bare bottom strapping teach Alison Miller not to cheat

Rules at Reform School never worry little miss attitude, Alison Miller! But her bouncing bubble butt pays the price for cheating on a test with 62 swats of Patrick Bateman’s leather strap, most of them panties down. Watch her cheeks jiggle as he goes to work From Firm Hand Spanking!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Bathtime Bullies

Amelia was sharing a hotel suite at a busy Spanking Convention with Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros to save on costs but had begun to regret this decision as the girls were just so darned loud. This break was what she needed away from the hustle and bustle of the convention and her fellow party girls. First Joelle, then Sarah ruined Amelia's alone time by jumping into the bathtub and they ganged up on Amelia, making out in front of her and mocking her need to relax. Amelia tried to defend her right to privacy but the girls just got ruder and naughtier spanking each others bare soapy bottoms until they turned on her taking turns to prey upon Amelia who protested which only made them do it more! This all girl 30 minute spanking extravaganza of a film in full stunning HD should NOT be missed! Features lots of angles, close ups, hot girl on girl spanking in and around the bathtub in a superb location. We are sure this film will make the Honors as a contender in the Spanking Awards 2015, here is your chance to see why right now from Triple A Spanking!

Spanked By Sister

Sarah has been put in charge of her younger sister while mom is away. Sarah gets a call from Mom that a letter was sent home from Christy's school. Christy needs some discipline for slacking off in school. Sarah gives her sister a bare bottom spanking with her hand and hairbrush for getting bad grades, slacking off, and being late for classes. This is not a behavior that is tolerated in their family from Sarah Gregory Spanking.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Violets First Taste Of The Cane

Young Violet has been punished for being out all night and for lying about where she had been, a good paddling made her feel sorry for herself but now she is to be caned. She has never felt the cane on her bottom and when she bends over, her bare bottom raised she knows that she is about to have the most painful experience of her life. She is right!

New job, new rules and a sound spanking over the knee for newbie Kelsey Wilde

“OK, I admit I was shocked, this was totally my first spanking,” Kelsey said. Getting a prestige new job as House Sitter at a mansion in the Hollywood Hills carries strange conditions. “Mr Stockton can put me over his knee and spank me whenever he wants!”. From Firm Hand Spanking!