Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Flight Attendant

A flight attendant from Europe Airlines was taken to the hospital after she had passed out at work. Dr. Johnson quickly examined her but found nothing wrong. The flight attendant Cory confessed she had faked passing out so she could have the day off. what she didn't know is that Dr. johnson believes strongly in corporal punishment so Coy was soon in his office, over his knee, getting her cute little derriere soundly spanked from Spanked In Uniform!

Partying Alison Miller is paddled hard on her bootylicious, bouncing bare rear

Alison Miller is always the ringleader when there’s trouble about in Seniors Gone Wild. So will she learn from 12 swats with Richard Anderson’s paddle, witnessed by Monica Bouget? Her attitude earns her six swats bare bottom. “Hell that hurt!” she admits from Firm Hand Spanking!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Schoolgirl Spanked Slippered And Caned

This week we have a classic film or rather two films. We have so many requests to see Kami Robertson in her very early years a s a spanking model we just had to bring you these two film. Kami as a Japanese schoolgirl gets spanked, slippered and caned. This film has it all, the real uniform, white regulation school knickers authentic and very real spanking and the senior cane used on her bare bottom from English Spanking.

The Workaholic

Erica Scott needs attention from her workaholic husband Paul Kennedy, but a hard spanking isn't what she's after. When she tears up his work, he punishes her with a hairbrush and leather strap from Dreams of Spanking!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Teary-eyed Monica Bouget feels the burn of the board on her tight buns

The crack of Mr Anderson’s paddle across petite Monica Bouget’s gym-tight butt cheeks gets her teary-eyed in Seniors Gone Wild. A night out partying with Alison Miller was never a good plan. Now it costs her 10 swats of the board across tight denim shorts from Firm Hand Spanking!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Expect the Unexpected

Ela has a desire to belong to an exclusive BDSM club. The club has approved her for training as a spanking submissive. Upon completion of her "training" Ela will be accepted into the club. However, Chelsea decides when that training is complete, and what is in involved. Ela signs the consent contract and Chelsea begins with ordering Ela to strip and assume the OTK position!
The training continues when on her first night in Chelsea's home, Ela is awakened for a spanking and paddling. When Chelsea notices Ela's erotic reaction to her spanking, she commands Ela to masturbate after her spanking from Good Spanking!

Thieving Secretary Caned

Zandia has been well spanked and paddled by her boss for taking money from the petty cash. He has left Sarah to give her a real punishment. After a short discussion Sarah decides that this lady needs to learn a real hard lesson and decides to cane her. She is bent over the office desk for a long and hard application of the senior cane to her bare bottom from Spanking Sarah.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

They Never Learn

Jasmine are routinely punished in John's house as they never seem to learn their lessons. Consequently their bottoms need only the lightest warming up and the cheeks return to a full blown shameful fire engine red! The girls attempted to go to a Fancy Dress Ball in some cheap slutty costumes that just plain annoyed John so much that they knew what was coming next! Their short skirts revealed 2 naughty red bottoms which soon became dark and swollen at the1st signs of their spanking... Sophie felt it especially as she had been punished the most recently and she gasped out loud in this short sharp shock punishment as both girls were spanked so they couldn't sit down or dare go out in such revealing costumes as they'd show off the shame of their most recent discipline session. What a way this was to ground his girls! Witness the last ever pairing of naughty Jasmine & Sophie in their exclusive spanking finale from Triple A Spanking!